Dear Friends,

We are excited to let you know that we have recently enrolled Michaelsen Ministries in smile.amazon.com, which is a shopping network with the same shopping convenience as Amazon.com.

What is different about this website is that you can designate Michaelsen Ministries as your charitable organization so that whenever you make a purchase through this website one-half percent of the purchase price is donated to Michaelsen Ministries.

We hope you will consider using smile.amazon.com for all of your Amazon purchases which will in turn be a tremendous help and blessing for our ministry.


We also wish to express our appreciation to Thrivent Financial, a Christian organization which for well over 100 years has offered estate planning and financial advice to the Christian community.  They have been a welcome benefactor to Michaelsen Ministries.  If you need a financial strategy, they would be a good choice to help you with your financial planning.


You can also support Michaelsen Ministries directly by going to https://michaelsenministries.com/donate-to-michaelsen-ministries/

Michaelsen Ministries is a 501c(3) organization.


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